Educathon: Tackling Teacher Shortage

12/03/2024, 09:30 - 12/03/2024, 15:15 | All over Europe | teff Event

Are you a pupil, teacher student, trainee teacher or in-service teacher? Would you like to campaign for a better education? Or are you simply interested in the topic of education and looking to make a difference? Then our educathon on Teacher Shortage is a fantastic opportunity for you!

Educathon Flyer English

During our educathon on Teacher Shortage you will be able to:

  • tackle one shared challenge,
  • get in touch with like-minded people all over Europe,
  • work creatively to find solutions.

A combination of both digital (Zoom) phases and group work phases on-site (in your classroom, meeting room, ...) and the use of Design Thinking techniques will allow for creative European collaboration on the topic.

From practice - for practice!

Through innovative methods, we will show you how to creatively work on solutions and actively shape the future of our education. Be part of the change you want to see in education and don't miss this opportunity to learn, collaborate and make a difference!

The Educathon will take place from 09.30 am – 3.15 pm (CET). It will be a combination of Online phases (on Zoom) and Group Work phases (on your own or hosted by a teff representative at your location).

Please note that it is unfortunately not possible to take part in the Educathon as an individual. You have to form a group of at least four people to register for the Educathon. This group needs to meet that day at the same place (e.g. a seminar room, a classroom, …) with internet access and a screen.

Groups can, for example, consist of:

  • teachers and students from the same class or from different classes
  • colleagues from the same school (Online phases will be in English!)
  • colleagues from different schools in the same city (who meet at one place)
  • student teachers (e.g. school interns), teacher trainees and in-service teachers
  • etc.

Interested? Contact us: teacher-academy[at]

See our flyers here:
English version
German version