What is Futures Literacy?

Futures Literacy (FL) is a skill that empowers individuals to understand and navigate the role of the future in their actions and decisions. It involves using the human imagination to envision and create new possibilities. FL is comparable to traditional literacy and is accessible to everyone. It helps individuals enhance their preparedness, adaptability, and innovation by harnessing the power of future thinking.

Why is it relevant?

FL is a relevant skill because conventional images of the future are being disrupted by challenges such as climate change, pandemics, and social issues, leading to a poverty-of-the-imagination. By developing FL, individuals can overcome this poverty by actively imagining and shaping alternative futures. It fosters collaboration, inspires hope, and empowers individuals to make informed choices in an uncertain and changing world. UNESCO recognizes the importance of FL in democratizing the origins of future images and transforming human governance by moving beyond the illusion of certainty and effectively utilizing the future.