What's YOUR idea? Recap of teff's first Educathon


On March 12th 2024, teff implemented its first Educathon across six partner locations

Innovative solutions to shared problems

On March 12th 2024, teff implemented its first Educathon across six partner locations: Cologne, Florence, Enschede, Leuven, Linnaeus and Nantes. A combination of digital phases via Zoom and on-site group work sessions in classrooms and meeting rooms, along with the implementation of Design Thinking techniques, facilitated creative collaboration among our 70 participants, including pupils, student, trainee and in-service teachers as well as university staff from across Europe. Together, they dedicated their day to discuss and develop solutions for the pressing issue of teacher shortage in the European Union.

Being part of the change you want to see in education

Through innovative agile methods, they demonstrated how to creatively address challenges and actively shape the future of education. Guided by their Zoom hosts, each group first gained a deeper understanding of the issue of teacher shortage before entering a creative ideation process in which ideas were generated and polished. In the participating countries, all participants, from 15-year-olds to trainee teachers to experienced in-service teachers, put a lot of effort into writing a convincing 90-second pitch of their most innovative idea. At the end of the event, each group presented their solutions to a discerning jury. We are thrilled to announce that team Linnaeus won, showcasing their creativity and dedication to tackling this crucial issue.

Congratulations & grattis!