Our Alliance

The Academy is a consortium of ten European universities, their partner schools, further education providers and government institutions dedicated to strengthening cross-phased and interdisciplinary teacher education. Its goal is to contribute towards a more attractive teaching profession through its transversal, agile and life-long learning offers. The Academy is based on partners’ existing cooperation (the European University Alliance EUniWell and the distinct government of the City of Cologne). These strong institutional connections enable collaboration between the project member and content-specific working groups, which in turn reaches the target groups: students and teachers as much as policy-makers.

Why “Future in Flux”?

Teacher Education for a Future in Flux (the Academy) responds to the European concerns around the attractiveness of teaching as a profession in a world of rapid change and global crises. There is a need for more student teachers who are ready to enter the profession and work with highly diverse and mobile classrooms. The Academy´s model for teachers´ professional development ensures continued training for teachers, committed to values of European democracy and citizenship. The TEFF model-framework combines digital, green, diversity, inclusion and well-being skills with a European dimension to equip teachers and enrich teacher education for a future in flux.

Our Work:

All Academy leaning opportunities empower pre-service and in-service teachers to become futures-literate so that they link and develop ways to address present and future challenges. Innovative activities include makerspaces and urban laboratories in addition to established lecture series and learning modules. All are designed, implemented, tested and disseminated as part of the Academy’s agile project management. The close-knit collaboration between universities and partnering schools especially promises high impact and sustainable results at regional and European levels, both in the present time and times to come.

To access the inaugural speech by teff Chief Development Officer Prof. Dr. Beatrix Busse, click here.