Teaching Climate Change - Hybrid Compact Seminar

Are you interested in the creation of didactic tools (for upper secondary school) and a critical analysis of your own teaching…

1st Maritime Makerspace (Sustainability) - Life Below Water

Learn more about teaching sustainability and the SDG "Life Below Water" online & on-site at our Rhine Station in Cologne

1st teff Conference Recap: Navigating Change Through Continuous Professionalisation

Looking back at our 1st teff Conference @Academie Tien in Utrecht, the Netherlands

What's YOUR idea? Recap of teff's first Educathon

On March 12th 2024, teff implemented its first Educathon across six partner locations

What are teachers made for? Inaugural speech at the teff Kick-Off

Prof. Dr. Beatrix Busse set the tone for Erasmus+ Teacher Academy

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The Teacher Academy for a Future in Flux (teff) is a dynamic consortium of ten leading European universities, partner schools, and government as well as further educational institutions committed to enhancing teacher education. Teff addresses the pressing need for adaptable educators prepared to navigate diverse, mobile classrooms in a rapidly changing world. Our innovative model-framework blends digital, green, diversity, inclusion, and well-being skills with a European dimension, empowering students and teachers to champion European democracy and citizenship. Through transversal, agile, and lifelong learning, teff aims to elevate the teaching profession's appeal and impact, fostering futures-literate educators equipped to tackle current and future challenges. Come and join us!

Voices from teff:

Symen van der Zee

Saxion University of Applied Sciences

»Education faces enormous challenges. Only by working together and learning from each other can we make our education systems future-proof.«

Wilhelm Friedrich Admiraal


»Too many early-career teachers quit the teaching profession because they do not feel well-prepared for their job. teff helps to combat the phenomenon of the teaching profession 'eating its young' and transforms teaching into a source of job satisfaction.«

Karen van der Eng

Utrecht University

»teff is all about learning from each other and making connections between teachers, educators and teachers in training. We need that! The world, Europe, our teachers and our pupils all need connection instead of division. Finding future proof solutions for educational challenges together with peers from all over Europe is very rewarding and I am happy to be part of this ambitious and inspiring project.«

Lotte Geunis

KU Leuven

»teff brings together people from across Europe who share a passion for education and who are open to learning from each other. I'm excited to see how our 'education for the future' will develop.«

Annette Schmehl-Postaï

Nantes Université

»Learning at school and training for the teaching profession must be based on cooperation. The aim of education today is to equip pupils with the intellectual tools and discursive skills that will enable them to become active players in the civic arena and engage in cooperative handling of common problems.«

Antti Laherto

University of Helsinki

»Europe needs teachers who not only adapt and react to changes in school and society, but who are agents in that change.«

teff Partner Institutions

Check out our programme:

21 / 11

1st Partners Meeting

21/11/2024 to 22/11/2024

Florence, Italy teff Event

08 / 10

Teaching Climate Change - Hybrid Compact Seminar

08/10/2024 to 15/03/2025

Online & Nantes, France teff Event

02 / 09

1st Maritime Makerspace (Sustainability) - Life Below Water

02/09/2024 to 04/09/2024

Cologne, Germany teff Event
Rhine Station in Cologne